Meet Bill

The mystery game badge for #36c3 #37c3


Introducing the Badge

Meet the amazing Bill Badge and join our amazing game!

Bill came back to human's mindscape, but something is wrong: four versions of himself are coexisting on the same timeline. These four entities will fight to decide which will be the imposed real one. While dimension-traveling, his rainbow unicorn key got split into four different keys (, , , ). The secrets and hidden mysteries will only be revealed to those in possession of the unicorn key, forged with all the keys. Bill is an overpowered, low cost, easy to solder and plug and play badge designed by MysteryHack for #36c3!

Check this video for a detailed explanation!

Badge Assembling and Setup

The Bill badge only uses through-hole components (plated-through holes or PTH components) which are fast and easy to solder. Our "Meet and solder the Bill Badge" workshop will take place the 27th December during #36c3 at the Hardware Hacking Area. This table (included with the badge kit) will help you solder the components. Notice the special instructions on the bottom and some details like the 3 resistors that are taped toghether:

Extra help, pay special attention to the pins and battery holder details:

Game Explanation

Discover the available badge teams

When you turn your badge on for the first time, you'll be granted a random team. The assigned team will be displayed on your RGB Led. Your team will change whenever someone targets you with their badge and presses the front trigger button!

Team Gnome

Team Smile Dip

Team Cipher

Team Soos

Team Psychic

Team Pines

Basic gameplay rules

The first time your badge is turned on, you'll be assigned a random team (the led color will indicate your team). Target other badges and press the button to convert them to your team. Get as many players as you can on your team while avoiding being captured by enemy teams!

Secret Rules

Unlock amazing features!

Collect all the keys to discover the true features of your Bill. Explore and talk to other players to find new keys. Different key combinations will show you different features and special rulesets!